(*Warning - this page contains major spoilers. To maximise gameplay experience, new players are advised to stop reading further*)

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Red mission marker

The Red Mission is the first mission that is unlocked and is unlocked during each game. This mission requires players to reach both the red and green markers. Although this is the main objective of the Red Mission, the player may also wish to later proceed to the other missions instead.

Upon reaching the red marker, players obtain two technologies required to complete the mission: a Wormhole Generator and a Death Seed. Players are asked by 'Star Iron' to use these technologies to destroy the system containing the Judges/Architects in order to warp back home. 

In this version of Out There, the Red Mission is the hardest mission available as it the longest and requires very careful planning.


The Red Mission is currently the only mission in which you are able to fulfill your goal of finding a way back home. When you reach the red marker, an entity known as 'Star Iron' asks you to destroy the green-marker system with the Death Seed. From there, the player is able to use the Wormhole Generator on the newly-created black hole. It results in spatial and temporal displacement, warping you from deep space, 100 billion years in the far future, to Earth orbit in the 22nd century. As you descend to Earth, you realize that everything that is left of you is no longer human, but alien. Knowing that you will be ostracized by humans on Earth, you decide, however, to land and be the 'key to the stars', warning them of their doom and the inevitable end of their world caused by the Judges/Architects. The dialogue from the mission implies that the both the enemy race the player encounters and the creators of Star Iron are the human race of the future. After the Judges/Architects destroyed the Earth's sun, the humans 'fled in great ships' and some were 'driven mad by despair', taking the name "People Death", flying from system to system, ravaging worlds. While the others "slowly faded among the stars." 

The Star Iron and the astronaut are the protagonists and are the ultimate victors over the enemy race and the Judges/Architect as the player successfully destroys the enclave of the Judges/Architects.

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