Various alien races can be found on garden planets.

Interaction Edit


A Space Ship orbiting a garden planet, the location alien races are found.

Upon visiting a new garden planet, if the player chooses to "Encounter Life" before mining the planet, they will start an alien conversation with the native

people of the planet. The alien races all share the same language, which is initially unintelligible to the player, but can gradually be learned throughout the play through.

Species Edit

There are twenty-two races in the game. There are no specific names for any of the races as they are randomly generated for each game.

Characteristics of some of the races are:

  • Pink skin, large pink/purple eye, planets above head
  • Two gold rings at right angles with spiky ball of light inside
  • Large gray skinned creature with a snout and multiple red/pink eyes
  • Sphere of interconnected starfish with pink bodies and flesh colored connectors
  • Wooden looking creature with a single red eye in a vertical slit and thorny branches off either side.
  • Multi-layered gray egg-shaped creature with green trim panels and glowing pink eye in middle


Below is a gallery of all races in the Omega Edition of the game. Above are the descriptions of all races in the Original Edition of the game.