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Green mission marker

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The JUDGES/ARCHITECT station is found in orbit of a yellow dwarf

The Green Mission is the second mission that is unlocked during each gameplay. It reveals that the game takes place 100 billion years after the 22nd century, when the astronaut was traveling to Ganymede from Earth.


At some point after the beginning of the game, you will see a cut scene where you encounter a giant structure with alien words engraved. Then, words in your own language appear on your computer screen. A being that refers to you as "MAN OF THE EARTH" points to a star system that you must visit. When you reach it, you will see a space station bigger and much more advanced than Star Iron's stations. When you orbit it, another cut scene takes place. You encounter a being of unimaginable size. Its hands seem to invite you to get closer, or reveal the creature is in a sort of meditation state. It speaks to you. After a dialogue, it speaks of what happened to you and your race. Humanity died as colateral damage when the sun and the stars near it transformed into supernovae and black holes, as work of this race that is called by galactic civilizations as JUDGES/ARCHITECTS. The sun was destroyed in order to restore balance, bonding stars together and prevent the galaxy from falling into the dark void of entropy, freezing in eternity. This choice, even though unfair to your kind, was not based on your moral values. The destruction of your world was for the greater good. The being then talks about human nature. Minds of humans are built anew every night on their sleep. They hold the illusion that they are always the same, but that is untrue. They die, day after day after day. They couldn't accept their death, even though they would only live one more day, just as it has been since it began to exist.

The being then tells you that you drifted through space for 100 billion years, after an asteroid hit Nomad on its way to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, in the 22nd century. Faced by the thought of being the last human left, you decide to embark on a sort of moral quest to save yourself. A quest that may be eternal. You isolate yourself. Even though its unsure what happens then, it is likely than the astronaut decided to sleep in cryonics for eternity, to preserve the human genetic code, hoping one day some civilization finds you. This finale likely ends up in your death, as your dreams of immortality, just as said by the ARCHITECT, will last only until you die once more during your sleep.
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